One very overlooked part of catfishing is cutting bait.  Fresh bait or rock hard frozen bait as catfish anglers.  Getting bait cut quickly and safely is critical and having just any old knife in the boat only makes things more difficult. 

A few years back I was introduced to Dexter Knives and my bait cutting (and fish cleaning) has changed forever.  I bought a 9" Sandwich Knife because I once saw it cut through a solid skip jack.  Since I have owned mine there has been nearly 30 tons of catfish brought through my boat and that one knife is still cutting the bait.  Let me tell you, it takes a lot of bait to catch that many catfish.

This knife may not look show room new any more but it is still cutting bait just like the first day I took it out of the package. 


01/25/2017 7:07am

Your post reminds me of my father. He is a fisher. When I was a child, he used to tag me along while fishing. That is our bonding every Sunday. He also taught me about the different types of fish.

Your post makes me feel nostalgic. I remember back then when we still lives near the coast. My grandfather was also a fisherman before. He loves fishing so much. Sometimes I come fishing with him until his accident happens en now he is no longer able to do fishing. I am sad about that. What happened to grandfather makes us move to other place because it depressed him seeing the coast and shore and yet not able to come near.

02/07/2017 12:06pm

Wow, this knife is huge! I am really impressed with this knife.

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