I Love Catfish


Man do I love catfish.  Two years in a row the end of my season came and I was not ready for it to stop.  Being from North Dakota a sad truth about catfish is when the water temp goes below 50 degrees the catfishing gets really slow.  You can still target them and catch them but it can me a daunting task.

Yesterday I was out chasing fall walleyes with a buddy and telling him how I was not ready to be done and wish we could catfish longer here in the north.  About an hour later his walleye rod that was soaking on the bottom bent over and the drag started ripping.  It took quite a while on a medium walleye rod with a jig but what he got into was an amazing 23 pound channel cat.  A true thing of beauty and on November 1st.  That late catfish made my whole month.  So in the end I just love catfish.


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