So here I am after I am after a couple years of thinking about it I thought it was time to get a medium that I can help keep the catfish world up to date on some things. I can tell some stories and keep everyone entertained. I am hoping to integrate some video into this but time will tell. I just don't think many people want to look at a fat catfish guide yakking on in front of a camera but who knows. 

What I do know is the catfish world is hungry for information and I have lots.  My biggest problem is living in North Dakota I am geographically challenged from the rest of the catfish world.  Sometimes this is a good thing because I sit on America's Finest Channel Cat fishery and many days have it all to myself.  I am sheltered from many of the problems and some of the drama of the catfish world.  The problem with it is the only contact I have to many of my catfish brethren is social media and getting to meet some of you is nearly impossible.

The name Catfish University may seem generic and even a copy of a couple social media groups but I have been conducting Catfish Universities long before it was a Facebook group and I owned the domain name and thought no better way to utilize what I already had.  You can read more about Catfish University on the home page.

So onward and upward.  I hope to keep you up to date with the entire catfish world and throw in some regular tips and ideas.  Winter should be pretty easy because of the off season.  Spring and summer if I get on one time per week I would be surprised. 




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