CPR Catch Photo Release.  We hear it all over the internet and every time someone keeps a trophy catfish the CPR guys tear them a new one for keeping a big fish.  For the record I follow a strict CPR plan releasing everything over 24" back to the water.  I am all for selective harvest and eating fish, THE SMALLER FISH.

So I also see photos around the webernet of people with their day's catch on a tarp or stacked on someones lap three or four deep.  Of course all fish safely released after the photo. I have a huge problem with this. I have a huge problem with dragging big fish around in a livewell all day or tied to a rope so you can get your photo with all the fish from the day.  I have a problem with this because it is stressing those fish out. 

Before you jump all over me about livewells, I understand that tournament anglers carry fish around all day for weigh in.  Today many of these tournament boats are set up with O2 to help keep the fish lively and healthy. 

I feel it is different to haul fish around all day for a photo vs a tournament.  Just get the photo of your trophy and get it back to the water so it stays at tip top health.  By law that is what we have to do up here.  I know it looks impressive to have a good day and lay all the fish out to show your prowess but I must tell you that for the betterment of the fishery your fans will love you just as much with many fish photos.


11/28/2016 10:02am

good one


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