Jersey Jockeys


I can't take it any more and just have to say something. Social media is to blame for this and it drives me up the wall, the jersey jockeys in fishing.

These are the people who wear their fishing jersey full of company logos everywhere they go thinking they look good and are helping out their sponsors.  The guy you see out on the lake in the middle of nowhere on a Tuesday with his bright flashy shirt on looking like a "pro".  I hate to break it to you brother but the fish don't bite better for you when you have a sponsor shirt on.

I remember back when I was trying to start out in the fishing industry.  I could not wait until I had enough quality sponsors to finally get a one of those cool shirts that look like a NASCAR suit.  I worked my tail off until I finally earned enough quality sponsors and thought I had enough clout in the fishing business to get a jersey.  A new sponsor agreed to buy me that jersey and be part of their team.  About the same time my new jersey came in the mail I noticed on Facebook that guys from all over the country were going out and purchasing jerseys with the logos of the products they love (or say they love.)  All of a sudden after all the work to earn that jersey it didn't mean anything.  So now it hangs in the closet and come sport show day or tournament day when I am supposed to wear it I just loath putting it on.  Not because I am not proud of it, I AM but because I don't want to look like all the other want to be people around.

Then came the wearing it fishing and taking photos of themselves in the jersey looking like a pro. Not even a good fish, just a fish.  The post on social media asking "should I wear my jersey above or below my bibs?" The best one is a guy wearing his fishing jersey on a cold day with his hunting bibs pulled down so you could see the fishing jersey with the buck he just shot.  Come on people.  Is that 10% discount worth giving away your integrity?

I am not saying we should not promote our sponsors because we should it is our jobs as professionals.  But we get tee shirts and hoodies, caps and products.  Just wear that and look like a human.  Have fun and be professional.

Ok folks, lets lets set some ground rules for when you can or should wear a jersey.

1. Are you at a media or speaking event?
2. Are you at a tournament?
3. Are you at a sport show?
4. Does fishing provide a sizeable percentage of your annual income and you are at one of the three above?

If you did not answer yes to any of the above then the jersey stays in the closet.


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