Big Tournaments


Monsters on the Ohio was yesterday and get this 192 boats.  Last month the Mississippi River Monsters had 184.  These are the two biggest tournaments for catfish anywhere and the people who attend say they love them.  This is good for the sport.

I remember back when the Cats Incredible on the Red River was the top dog in huge catfish tournaments with 150 boats.  I realize some laws changed and the tournament has changed hands at least three times since those days of greatness.  I have to ask why has the enthusiasm and numbers for that tournament waned over the past few years?  We have a rabid catfish community here in the Grand Forks area and many new faces yet come tournament week many of the old faces are not showing up like they used to.

What will it take to make the local tournaments the greatness of Monsters on the Ohio or Mississippi River Monsters?  After all we do have the greatest channel cat river in the world.  Is it just that we are too far and there are now so many other tournament options for out of area people or has the goals of the professional tournament angler gone to the big blue cats?


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