Two years ago when I was on the road with the Scheels Catfish University I was telling people that Humminbird was changing the way catfishermen fish.  I said how they introduced the Helix 5 with si and put top end imaging in the hands of every angler at an affordable price.  Now anglers could get top end HD for $500.  I also went to talk about AutoChart Live which at the time was only available on the top end units.  My point with that was that those of us with no manufactured maps could not make our own.  Autochart Live by the way is the biggest deal in fishing tech of all of it in my opinion.

Last year (just 2 years later) Helix 9, 10, and 12 came out with everything of the top end units including Autochart Live.  The price point started at just $999.  Huge value.

Now just announced the Generation 2 Helix 5 is coming and it will have AutoChart Live on it.  I am still unsure of the price point but my guess is no more than $500-$600.  This will truly put top end tech in everyone's hand and make everyone better anglers.
Over a month ago I received an email from a catfish angler I have never met.  He was asking about a tagged catfish he caught.  What he had was a mystery and it took a month to solve.  Very fun to be part of this story even though all I did was connect some dots to help solve the mystery.